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What do the BOFA® London 11+ Consortium tests include?

PLEASE NOTE this is a product specifically for girls sitting the London 11+ Consortium test, it is NOT general 11+ preparation, if you are looking for 11+ material please go to our 11+ site

The information found below is designed to help you get the best out of this BOFA® Consortium test and to understand formative learning. Use the London 11+ Consortium Demo to refresh your memory of the Consortium test structure prior to the London 11+ Consortium test or a BOFA® Consortium test.

Quantity of BOFA® London 11+ Consortium tests 

There are 12 full BOFA® London 11+ Consortium tests and 1 Demo Consortium Test.

The Demo Consortium Test is very short and has two purposes:

  1. To demonstrate the format of the BOFA® London 11+ Consortium tests and how the BOFA® learning platform works.
  2. For pupils to refresh their memory on how the BOFA® Consortium tests work prior to doing the actual London 11+ Consortium tests, or a BOFA® Consortium test.

  Only pupils with purchased BOFA® London 11+ Consortium test packs are able to retake the Demo Consortium test.

  There a 4 BOFA® London 11+ Consortium test packs, each contain 3 Consortium tests.

  All 4 packs are set at the same level of difficulty.

  It is NOT possible to assign the same pack to a pupil. BOFA® intuitively knows which pack to assign next.

  The BOFA® Consortium tests are not linked to or subscriptions.

BOFA® London 11+ Consortium Test Tips 

Watch the video to see how the platform works.


Do the London 11+ Consortium Test Demo.

  Some Tips before you start...
  • Work through the initial test on your own.
  • You can then get help going through the explanations and similar practice questions.
  • Wait as long as possible before doing the retest.
  • Work through the retest, which contains similar questions to your errors on the initial test.
  • You can then see the errors from the retest in the report.
London 11+ Consortium test content and timings 

The London 11+ Consortium test contains 5 distinct subject tests, taken in the order listed.

You may take the 5 subject tests in any order but if you are treating a test as a mock exam we recommend taking the test in the order listed and take the 30 minute break to fully replicate the exam format.

  • Maths - 20 minutes
  • Non-verbal Reasoning - 10 minutes
  • English comprehension & Verbal Reasoning - 30 minutes
  • BREAK - 30 minutes
  • Problem Solving - 15 minutes
  • Analysis component - 25 minutes
London 11+ Consortium test Candidate Information 
  • Read all instructions carefully. Where required, instructions are given for each type of question.
  • The tests are timed. You should check your progress using the clock on the screen.

  The tests are designed to be done as mock tests as preparation for the London 11+ Consortium test.

  Try and use as large a screen as possible.

  BOFA® will assess understanding and fill in any gaps in your knowledge.

  Your parents and teachers will be emailed your progress.

Bespoke BOFA® London 11+ Consortium Tests Override Options 
  • You cannot retake the London 11+ Consortium tests.
  • You can retake the demos, if you have purchased BOFA® London 11+ Consortium tests.

The following are options your parent or teacher can change by editing your Test Options on the edit pupil page:

  Request to change your extra time allowance.

Want to know more? 
  Read our Get Started Guide

Watch the video to hear from some of our schools.


Do the London 11+ Consortium Test Demo.

  Find out more with our How it Works Guide

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