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The tests found below this information section, contain the 4 subjects covered in Pretest exams.

There are 21 full BOFA® Pretests and 1 Demo Pretest.

The Demos are very short and have two purposes:

  1. To demonstrate the format of the BOFA® Pretests and how the 3 stage BOFA® learning platform works.
  2. For pupils to refresh their memory on how the BOFA® Pre-Tests work prior to doing the actual ISEB Common Pre-Test, or a BOFA® Pre-Test.

Note: Only pupils which purchased BOFA® Pre-Test packs are able to retake the BOFA® Pre-Test Demos. The BOFA® Pre-Tests are not linked to or


Pretest timings

  • Verbal Reasoning has 36 minutes.
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning has 32 minutes.
  • Maths has 50 minutes.
  • English has 25 minutes.

Instructions for candidates

  • Read all instructions carefully. Where required, instructions are given for each type of question. In many cases, examples of how to do a question-type precede the questions.
  • Each BOFA® Pre-Test contains 1 pretest in each subject, you can do the subjects in any order directed by your teacher.
  • You will need pen/pencil and paper for the maths test.
  • You cannot return to a question once an answer has been submitted. For each question, you select an answer from a choice of five. If you want to change your mind, simply click on your new answer choice. Once you have made your final answer choice, submit it by clicking Next.
  • The tests are timed. You should check your progress using the progress bar at the bottom of the page. Place the cursor over the bar to see how many questions you have answered and how many there are in total.


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Tips on doing the Tests

  • Watch the video to see how the platform works.
  • Do the maths demo test.
  • Work through ALL the initial tests on your own.
  • You can ONLY then get help going through the explanations and similar practice questions.
  • Wait as long as possible before doing the retests.
  • Work through the retest, which contains similar questions to your errors on the initial test.
  • You can then see the errors from the retest in the report.

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