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Chigwell School

Number of pupils: 1
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Quantity of Mock Tests per pupil: 3
Cost: £55.00
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  • The type of Mock Test is determined when you assign your purchased pack to a child, not at the point of purchase.
  • Choose the number of pupils using the first slider. If you require more active pupils, register as a school or tutoring centre or contact us.
  • Choose the number of Mock Packs per pupil with the second slider.
  • We only offer Mock Tests as packs of 3 as we believe this is the minimum number needed to fully prepare.
  • If you choose to purchase more Mock Tests at a later date, you will receive different tests to any you purchase now.
  • Mock Tests follow the unique BOFA format. Each initial test is followed by a practice stage and finishing with a retest.

Trusted by parents, schools and tutors

"The BOFA software is fantastic, very well designed and achieves fantastic results. This year five pupils achieved academic scholarships, all using BOFA to prepare. Andy and the team are always great to deal with, informative and helpful at all times."

West London Tutoring

"A much better resource for VR and NVR practice than the paper books. Great for rapid preparation for exams that suddenly arise."

Trevor Roberts School

"We've found BOFA very useful. We will be using it again for my younger daughter in a few years time."

Rachel, BOFA Parent

What's included in a BOFA Mock Test?

Each Mock ISEB Pre-Test includes 4 tests, one for each of the following subjects:

Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning



Each Mock Consortium Test includes five tests,
Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning, English comprehension & Verbal Reasoning,
Problem Solving, and an Analysis component.


BOFA Mock Tests act as mock exams to help pupils familiarise themselves
with the content and structure of three specific entrance exams,
the ISEB Common Pre-Test, the London 11+ Consortium test and the Chigwell School exam.
Choose which exam your child is sitting when you assign your BOFA Mock Tests.
By adding a BOFA 8+ - 12+ subscription to your purchase, you'll get
full access to hundreds of tests covering Maths, English, VR and NVR,
a great way to improve subject performance and confidence.

You'll be given the option to buy a subscription at the checkout, once you
have added a Mock Test pack to your basket.

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