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How Education Can Help You Live a Better Life

How Education Can Help You Live a Better Life

It is agreed that children have a right to be educated from a young age. Investing in an education is the smartest thing to do for various reasons, as it allows people to enhance their development by providing them with life skills that prevent poverty and increase their health and well-being.

How Education is Improving Our Health

Education has helped develop the world into understanding how to prepare to treat and prevent diseases and be able to use the health care services that are in place effectively. This has allowed life expectancies all over the world to increase and bring an increase of immunity to some diseases and infections.

Studies show that educated mothers are 50% more likely to immunise their children than mothers who have received little or no schooling. Also, young people who have received a primary education are less than half as likely to receive HIV than those who have not.

It is clearly proven that having an education is better for our health and well-being to ensure a long and happy life.

Education is Universally Enhancing Development of Countries and Individuals

An education allows people to increase their chances of getting a better job, meaning that they will be better paid. This improves the way of life for people as they will decrease their chances of poverty and homelessness.

In poorer countries, with each additional year of education, people will earn 10% higher wages – this leads to a country’s national growth and means that poorer countries can become an MEDC (more economically developed country) which increases opportunities for the population.

No country has ever achieved continuous and rapid growth without at least an adult literacy rate of 40%. This vividly shows how much education is essential for individuals and nations to improve the economy.

Turning Your Dreams into a Reality

Educated people can help lead a happy life and allow you to experience things the world has to offer. People who are well-informed are more likely to get a good high-paid job, even though it is suggested that money is the root of all problems, in reality, it is important in surviving in today’s world.

You can turn your dreams into a reality by being knowledgeable as it leads to being successful, possibly rich and can give you a good social reputation – all your dreams can come true!

Investing in an education is the most valuable and essential aspect to a successful life. It increases chances to have the best opportunities and to live a long, fulfilled life.