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Why can't my child move on?

Why Can't My Child Access The BOFA Tests?

This might be because you are not logged into their account, you are actually logged into your parent account.

To check that this is not the problem, check that you are not in your parent account. If you can see 'My people' as an option when you scroll over the 'My Account' button, you are in the wrong account and your child won't be able to access the tests from here.

If you didn't know that your pupil had a seperate account to your own, you can find their login details by going into 'Manage Pupils' in your account. By clicking the button that says 'Edit' next to their name, you will be able to find out more about their login details. You can find out more about this here.

Alternatively, your child will not be able to access the tests if you don't have a subscription.

To check if you have a subscription with BOFA, go into 'My Subscriptions' in your parent account.

If you don't have a subscription, or if your subscription has expired, you can purchase a new one in the shop. These are taken out on fixed term or monthly bases, you can find out more about subscriptions here.

Why Can't My Child Move Onto The Next Test?

If your child is active on your subscription and logged into their own account, they might not have finished the previous test.

There are 3 stages to each test within the BOFA platform.

Test → Practice Stage → Retest

The main point of the formative learning platform is this retest stage. This is the stage that builds on what the pupil has learnt and generates a report about what the pupil still does not know. It is incredibly important that the pupil completes this stage of the test, and as such they cannot move onto the next test without completing it. (For example, the pupil cannot move onto Maths 11 Test 2 without completing the retest of Maths 11 Test 1).

The practice questions and retest questions are different to the initial questions. Unless a pupil retakes a test, they will never do the same question twice.