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Defining subject access for pupils in a School

Each BOFA subscription gives all pupils access to all subject tests at all age levels. The system default is to allow access to all tests. You can override this by setting the subject access at either School, Group, or Pupil level. The access a pupil has is determined by the following hierarchy: Pupil settings, Group settings, School settings. If Pupil access has not been set the Group settings will be applied, if Group access has not been set then the School settings will be applied.

You can choose to allow access to only Key Stage 2 tests by subject, or only 11+ tests by subject, or both KS2 and 11+. At 11+ level you have the option of long or short tests. These are the same questions simply differentiated by the length of the test. E.g. In any subject long test 1 contains the same questions as short tests 1 to 5.

Settings can be changed by pupil from the manage pupils page, by group from the manage groups page, or for the whole school from the pupil subjects page.