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Announcement Regarding Cognitive Ability Testing for London Girls' Schools

Announcement Regarding Cognitive Ability Testing for London Girls' Schools

The London 11+ Consortium (formerly The North London Girls' Schools Consortium) has recently decided to do away with their current subject-specific entrance exams, instead opting for cognitive ability tests, which are harder to prepare for. The idea behind this is to make the entrance process fairer and give children who can't afford tutoring the opportunity to show their academic ability.

The questions in the test will be designed to be taken with no previous knowledge of the subject, much as the questions on BOFA are designed for.

This recent announcement follows closely the decision of other boys' schools in London to switch to these types of tests. In particular, Eton College are leading the way in this new style of selection.

In light of this, we are expecting to see a large increase in the number of girls using BOFA to prepare for the NLGSC entrance exams.

Although BOFA does not replicate any particular style of exam, as it is predominantly a learning platform designed to teach, it has proved successful in the past when used by children to prepare for entrance exams, as it helps them understand the timing and how to answer questions which they have no prior subject knowledge of.

Both prep schools and tutoring centres, national and international, have used BOFA to prepare pupils for old and new style entrance exams in the past 10 years.