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How to purchase a Pre-test pack

In order to purchase a pack of ISEB Pretest Mock Tests you must first register and create a parent account.

Once you have completed the registration form you may be sent a confirmation email containing a link to verify your account. Please click the link to verify your email address as we need to ensure that we have the correct email address to send the test reports to you as your child completes the tests. Occasionally these emails get classed as spam by email services so please check you spam/junk folder if it does not appear in your Inbox.

You are now ready to set up your child’s account and purchase a Mock Test pack from the Mock Test shop.

Use the slide bars to select how many children you are purchasing Mock Tests for and how many Mock Test packs you would like for each child. Our Mock Tests are sold in packs of 3 as we believe 3 is the minimum number of tests a pupil will need to complete to become comfortable with the format of the exam. Once you have made your selections click the green purchase button to complete your order.

Once purchased, to assign your BOFA Mock Tests go to your ‘manage children page’. Next to the appropriate child click on the green '+' button to increase the number of Mock Test packs allocated to the child. This will take you to a page where you can choose which type of Mock Test - Pretest Year 6 or Pretest Year 7 (depending which school year your child will be in when they sit the ISEB exam), and which pack to assign. All packs are of a similar level so we recommend assigning pack 1 first. The system will not let you assign a pack which your child already has. Once the Mock Tests have been allocated your child can log into their child account and start taking the tests.

If your child is allowed extra time for the ISEB exam you can amend this in the Test Options section of the ‘Edit child’ page. Help on this can be found here.