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What are BOFA Mock Tests for ISEB Pre-Tests?

BOFA Pre-Test Mock Tests are a mock ISEB Common Pre-Test exam.

Our Mock Tests are sold in packs of 3 tests as we believe this is the minimum number of tests a child would need to complete to begin to feel comfortable with the format of the un-user-friendly exam. 

As our Mock ISEB Pretests are designed to be taken as a mock exam, and therefore unlike our 11+ tests, they cannot be paused or retaken. Please ensure you allow enough time to complete a subject test in one sitting and that your device is fully charged with a stable internet connection. You do not need to complete each Mock Test in one sitting, but each subject test must be completed in one sitting.

The ISEB Pretest exam is made up of four distinct subject tests. The time allocation for each subject test is as follows:

  • Verbal Reasoning has 25 minutes.

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning has 30 minutes.

  • Maths has 40 minutes.

  • English has 40 minutes.

Our ISEB Mock Tests contain the same four distinct subject tests which can be taken in any order.

If your child is allowed extra time in the exam you can set the same allowance in BOFA by logging into the parent account and amending the Test Options in the edit child page.

You can purchase BOFA Mock Tests for ISEB Pretest from our Mock Test shop. Please note that you specify you would like an ISEB Pretest Mock Test at the point of assigning it to your child, not at the time of purchase.

Once purchased, to assign your BOFA Mock Tests go to your manage children page. Next to the appropriate child click on the green '+' button to increase the number of Mock Test packs allocated to the child. This will take you to a page where you can choose which type of Mock Test - ISEB Pretest Year 6 or ISEB Pretest Year 7, and which pack to assign. All packs are of a similar level so we recommend assigning pack 1 first. The system will not let you assign a pack which your child already has.

The majority of children sit the ISEB Exam in Year 6 so it is likely this is what you will want to assign. For the few children who sit the ISEB exam in Year 7 we have a separate version of our Mock Tests as the content of the exam for children sitting in Year 7 is slightly different. If your child will be sitting the ISEB exam during Year 6 please assign them a Year 6 pack of BOFA Mock Tests.