Planet BOFA tests, teaches and retests then tracks student progress, personalising each step, boosting learning with a laser-focus on weaker areas.

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Buying your first product

Step 1    Register as a BOFA parent, tutor or School 

Step 2   Confirm your registration

               Follow the link in the email sent to your email address, sometimes these are classed as spam so check in your spam folder if it is not in your inbox

Step 3    Add at least one pupil to your account

                Edit their account so that the have a unique username (either the child's email address or a simple unique username that you have created) and a memorable password

Step 4    Go to the shop and add your products to the basket

Step 5    Go to your "My subscriptions" or "Pretest Packs" page where you will see all your new and any old subscriptions

Step 6    Ensure your pupil is added to your active subscription or assigned a Pretest Pack

Step 7    Tell your pupil to log on

Make sure the pupil is using their username and password you set up at Step 3