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BISP Parent Offer

BISP - British Independent Schools Parents has an agreement with BOFA® to offer free additional Pretests and extended subscriptions for their registered parents. 

As a parent, you will register and purchase from Planet BOFA Ltd, we will then check with BIPS and if you are registered with them, we will add the extra Pretests on to your account and/or extend your subscription as follows:

  • Purchase 6 BOFA® Pre-tests, costing £105, we will add 3 Pre-tests free of charge, therefore saving you £50.
  • Purchase 12 BOFA® Pre-tests, costing £200, we will add 6 Pre-tests free of charge, therefore saving you £80.
  • Purchase3 month BOFA® subscription, we will add 1 month free of charge.
  • Purchase6 month BOFA® subscription, we will add 2 months free of charge.
  • Purchase12 month BOFA® subscription, we will add 3 month free of charge.

To get this offer, you will need to email us AFTER you have made your purchase using this email link

Many of you will not have had a BOFA account before so we will try and explain the steps in more detail below:

  1. Register as a parent on or
  2. You will receive a welcome email with your password and a verification link, you will need to click the verify link in your email before you can purchase.
  3. Go to the shop and purchase either 6 or 12 Pre-tests or subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months ( you can do both and get both offers)
  4. Email BOFA from your parent username/email address

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